Aircon Chemical Wash

When it comes to maintaining or servicing your AC, you may have come across the term “aircon chemical wash.” This is a thorough cleaning process that involves the use of chemicals to clean all external and internal parts of your AC. To perform this process, certain parts of the unit, such as filters, condensers, and evaporator coils, must be dismantled.

These parts are then submerged in chemicals to remove acid stains and extricate dust and debris, providing a fresh start for your AC. Similarly, aircon steam cleaning is another technique that uses steam for cleaning.

For more severe cases requiring deeper cleaning, AC technicians may need to add chemical solution directly into the internal drainage pipes. As the entire process requires great attention to detail and caution, it’s essential to choose a professional company like ours to do the job. Avoid unknown companies and trust experts like us for a hassle-free experience.

As a homeowner, it’s important to understand the steps involved in an aircon chemical wash. The process typically begins with a thorough check of the electrical ports and wires to ensure proper connections. Next, the front panel, cover, and filter are cleaned to remove dust and debris, and the electrical circuits are checked for proper functioning. The AC filter is then purified and deodorized to eliminate bacteria and odors. More complex inspections, such as those for compressor suction and discharge pressure, are performed, along with deep vacuuming of the drainage system. Finally, the evaporator coils and drainage trays are inspected to ensure they are functioning properly. The cost of an aircon chemical wash depends on the horse power of the unit. Check with our technician for charges.

Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Steam Cleaning Explained

At our company, our cleaning process starts by soaking the major components of your AC in a chemical solution to eliminate germs, stains, and dirt. However, our cleaning services do not stop there. Our team of technicians conducts a thorough diagnostic check and tests to determine if any parts need to be repaired or replaced. From the controls to the thermostat, every component of your AC is inspected to restore its performance to like-new condition.

Our chemical wash service ensures your AC operates efficiently for a minimum of 12 months. To maintain optimal performance, we recommend scheduling an annual chemical wash.

Investing in an aircon chemical wash is highly recommended because it improves your AC’s efficiency and eliminates any unpleasant odors, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable living environment. Our aircon steam cleaning and chemical wash services are completely safe for your AC.


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