Terms of Use

Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly so that you have a clear idea of how you may avail our aircon services. If there is any confusion, feel free to get in touch with our customer service representatives in order to get an answer for your query.

  1. We provide services covering the following:
  • Checking and cleaning Aircon front panel and air filter
  • Inspecting and brushing outdoor condenser coil
  • Checking fan bearing and lubricating
  • Vacuuming drainage pan and piping
  • Checking the purifying filter
  • Inspecting and cleaning indoor evaporator coil
  • Inspecting compressor refrigerant gas pressure
  1. Service is provided between 9:30am to 5pm during the weekdays (Monday – Friday).
  2. Customers need to give full access of the unit to our team of experts during servicing.
  3. Customers need to contact the company for scheduling the maintenance services.
  4. They will be reminded about the scheduled time of service via call.
  5. Customers cannot ask any technician to work without written approval from the company.
  6. In the case of services where additional charges are applicable for substitution of parts or goods supply, you will be given their title at the time of complete payment.
  7. Customers are required to make payment for the extra charges once you receive the invoice.
  8. If you are a commercial user who has an approved credit account with the company, you will have to pay within 30 days.
  9. If the complete payment is not made within the scheduled time the company will reserve the right to terminate the contract or any further Services.
  10. Details about warranty are laid down in the service or product information.
  11. All services and goods will serve up their usability.
  12. The company is not liable for any injury, damage, loss of contract, or other similar instances.
  13. Customers have a right to undo the contract by giving a week’s notice in writing.
  14. All terms and conditions are managed under the governed by the laws of the country where we provide services and goods.
  15. All warranty details are mentioned in the product/services data.
  16. All our prices are inclusive of GST and we do not offer any discount, expect at the time of promotion.
  17. We only take cash, local cheque/ local credit card payments.
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