Normal Servicing

Malaysia’s subtropical climate can make it difficult to breathe both indoors and outdoors, making air conditioning an essential requirement. An air conditioner helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment, preventing the feeling of suffocation caused by humidity. However, timely servicing is crucial to ensure optimal performance and prevent the unit from running into unavoidable problems. Delaying servicing can render the whole unit useless, leaving you to cope with extreme heat.

At our company, we understand that air conditioner servicing should be a straightforward and hassle-free process, accessible to everyone. We believe that the servicing process should be convenient and without any complexities to ensure that your air conditioner runs optimally well. Contact Aircon Services in KL now.

What does air conditioner servicing include?

Our comprehensive air conditioner servicing package includes various checks and tests to troubleshoot any problems on the spot. We test multiple parts and components to ensure that we can identify any issues before they cause further damage. In addition to deep cleaning with clean water, we also inspect parts that may require replacement.

Here’s what our servicing package includes:

  • Comprehensive testing of electrical boards and connections to ensure that there are no damaged parts and contact points.
  • Inspection of the front portion of your AC, including the cover, filters, and panel, for any signs of damage on the top, bottom, and sides of the unit.
  • Monitoring of compressor suction and discharge pressure to ensure that your AC runs at its promised condition.
  • Ensuring that there are no creaking or unusual sounds while the AC runs.
  • Deep cleaning of the front filters.
  • Monitoring of the blower fan’s operation and identification of any signs that it might not be working at full speed.
  • Deep cleaning of everything from the evaporator coils to the water drainage pan.
  • Flooding water inside the condenser pipe.

With our intense air conditioner servicing, you can expect no signs of slowdowns the next time you turn on your AC. Our package is tailored to meet all customer needs, leaving zero room for error or improvement.

Our goal is to ensure that you can live a comfortable and convenient life! Even if your AC has broken down during extremely hot summer days in the past, it won’t happen again with us!

To prevent costs from accumulating over time, we recommend creating an annual schedule for your air conditioner servicing. This can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Why is air conditioner servicing so important?

As a house or business owner, your top priority is convenience. Regularly servicing your AC can help you achieve this by providing a comfortable living environment for you to enjoy your life.

Additionally, regular servicing can prevent long-term damage to your AC. By diagnosing issues promptly and replacing parts as necessary, you can avoid the need to replace the entire unit in just a year or two.

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